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Frequently Asked Questions

Auric /gold/ & Ice /diamonds/

Au·ric : pronounced as /ˈôrik/: of, relating to, or derived from gold

Ice : pronounced as /īs/: pertaining to our natural diamonds

Are your diamonds real?

Yes! Our diamonds are 100% natural.

What are the pieces made out of?

All jewelry pieces are made of 14-karat standard (with standard purity & nickel free) solid gold, we also offer to set your pieces in 18-karat solid gold upon request. We do not offer gold-filled, gold plated, or gold vermeil items that tarnish and oxidize over time. All of our diamonds and gemstones are natural. We only use F-G colored diamonds with a VS-SI range. We do not offer lab created stones or nano gems in our product lineup.

Why Solid Gold?

+ Solid gold is the more superior metal because it's durable, valuable and least irritating for sensitive skin.

+ Solid gold requires less care and maintenance. It can be worn daily in and out of water without any worries of tarnishing or oxidizing or damaging your items.

+ Unlike gold plated pieces which is the affordable alternative, they only contain a tiny amount of gold and any friction will cause the plating to rub off quickly.

+ It is a value for money investment.

+ More Sustainable.

Why Natural Diamonds and Gemstones?

+ Natural stones are more valuable than lab grown diamonds/ nano gemstones.

+ Natural stones have a higher resale value because of its origin. Man made lab grown stones have no supply constraints causing their value to depreciate, which will impact resale value and make it more costly to upgrade in the future.

+ Natural diamond/gemstone is a green material. Natural diamond/gemstone's inherent characteristics make it Mother Nature’s original green building product. It has low maintenance needs and is highly durable—and recyclable as compared to many man made items available on the market. Man made stones requires extensive manufacturing energy compared to natural stones that is extracted from the earth and processed by cutting and finishing.


These are one of the few reasons why we only use natural stones on all our items.

What does F-G, VS-SI natural diamonds mean?

The range we give means if you have our diamonds certified, this exact color and clarity will come out.Since we all know that certified diamonds cost more, our product line is made up of uncertified stones (to keep our prices down) that come in this exact range of color and clarity.

Here in A&I, we believe in transparency in all items that we sell--making sure that our quality is standard across all our pieces. However, should you wish to have your pieces certified, we can offer that to you guys as well - with an added cost.

What does standard gold mean?

When we discuss gold, there are two types: standard and commercial gold. Standard gold contains near perfect craftsmanship, standard purity, and follows strict guidelines in standard gold purity (may it be 14K/18K gold) and in our case, gold formulated with no nickel.

Commercial gold sometimes does not have standard purity and is cheaper to produce because it does not follow a set standard in mixing the purity of gold. This causes more allergic reactions to people with more sensitive skin because the alloys mixed into the solid gold like nickel is a known common allergen to most people.

Do you offer certificates?

We offer GIA certificates upon request especially for diamonds .50ct and above. We can also offer IGI Certificates with an additional fee.

Can I have my jewelry customized?

Yes. You may send us your design and complete specifications via email at or message us on Instagram so we can give a quotation.

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